Saturday, 21 October 2017

How was your week?

I will come straight to the point for me it was just depressing, to the point of becoming clinical.

Who can have watched any Tory response this week to the disaster they are wreaking on the UK whether via Universal Credit or Brexit and not feel distinctly doon in the mooth. Who can have heard the outright lies peddled by ertswhile ministers of the crown and Tory politicians in general and not be left feeling powerless in the face of their inhumane ignorance, double dealing and gross incompetence.

How can Labour continue to bleat 'SNP baad' when their best buddies from the days of 'Better th' gither' have stitched them up good and proper with the BAE Govan frigate build sell out. Labour has let down the very workforce they got their trade union apparatchiks in the GBMU and other shipyard unions to convince to vote 'No'.

Talking about doing the day job, how bad are the SNP Government when they can build a longer stayed bridge, toll free, on time which faces worse weather conditions, over the Firth of Forth, for a smaller capital cost than the toll charging one just opened in Liverpool which will cost the average commuter using it daily, over £700 a year?

Yet it was clear during the Universal Credit debate the SNP and Labour MPs have far more in common, in terms of their politics, than divides them. Why does the Labour Party at large continue to allow its dysfunctional and self destructive Labour branch in Scotland any further say over the issue of "blacking the SNP", apart from Labour's cynical putting their own power grab above the needs of the UK as a whole.

One hopeful sign is the stirring realisation amongst the English person in the street, the BBC (and the London media) is lying to them on a daily basis, it will be interesting to see the numbers protesting BBC political bias on the 5th of November across England. Sadly we will need to go to AL Jeezera or RT to discover any coverage of these protests.

Most depressing of all is the substantial number of Scots, in the face of growing factual evidence to contrary, who still think we are "Better Together".

A pity we are not a mammal designed for hibernation ... I would, if I could.